Big Data, Analytics Experience, aims to create a real experience by exposing key projects and academic conferences. This will encourage new generations to the creation of new businesses, applications and technologies.


Dr. Christoph Meinel
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam, Germany.

Dr. Athina Kanioura
Global Lead for Personalisation and Customer Analytics. She is also the Chief Data Scientist for Accenture Analytics.

Dr. Chidanand
Director of Mathematical Sciences and Analytics in the IBM Research Division, at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York, USA.

Dr. Erik Horvitz
Distinguished Scientist & Managing Director, Microsoft Research, Director of the Microsoft Research Lab at Redmond, Washington, USA.

Dr. Ivo D. Dinov
Director of the Statistics ONLINE Computational Resource (SOCR) and is expert in Mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, computational processing and scientific visualization of large datasets (Big Data).


Dr. Nancy Baym, Ph.D.
Nancy Baym, Ph.D. is an American academic, formerly a Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas and currently a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research.

Seth Shostak, Seti Institute

Dr. Marisa Viveros
Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for the global telecommunications industry IBM , formerly vice president of IBM Research. Leading global innovation initiative in computer security research center Thomas J. Watson in Yorktown Heights , New York , United States.

Brian Grazer, General Session Speaker

Dr. Brenda Dietrich
IBM Vicepresident, Technical Sales, North America. Sales & Distribution. Previously IBM Fellowy Vicepresident of IBM Researchen el Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, Nueva York, USA.

Dr. Kristin Toll
Director of the Data Science Initiative in Microsoft Research Outreach, Redmond, WA.

Dr. Edgar Blanco
Dr. Edgar Blanco is a Research Director at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics and is the Executive Director of the MIT SCALE Network in Latin America.

Desmond Mullarkey
Vice President of Analytical Solutions of SAP Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. C. Mohan
Researcher and member of the Research Centre: IBM-Almaden.

He is a member of Acatech, the national German academy of science and engineering. Christoph Meinel is chairman of the national German IPv6 council, the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program. He is the head of the steering committee of the HPI Future SOC Lab, and member of various advisory boards like the security advisory board of SAP.

Athina Kanioura is the Lead Lead Scientist for Accenture Analytics and Marketing Services (AAMS) and Head of IGEM for AAMS. Athina specializes in econometrical analytics focusing on trade merchandising, improving marketing / communication effectiveness and optimizing marketing mix budgets, customer infused analytics, pricing and promotional effectiveness. Athina has had 6 years of practical experience in marketing-mix and promo mathematical modeling techniques, marketing strategy optimization, sales forecasting, statistical and econometrical data analysis, data-mining and market simulation techniques.

His department's research agenda covers theory and applications of Optimization, Data Analytics, and Operations Research.

In addition to maintaining a basic research agenda in Mathematical Programming & Optimization, Operations Management, Statistical Modeling & Forecasting, Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling, and Data Mining Systems, his teams are engaged in several solutions initiatives focused on Workforce Optimization, Agriculture, Predictive Asset Management, Resource & Operations Management, and High-Performance (Big Data & HPC) Analytics.

Distinguished Scientist & Managing Director, Microsoft Research.

Director of the Microsoft Research lab at Redmond. Pursuing research on principles of machine intelligence and on leveraging the complementarities of human and machine reasoning.

The Microsoft Research home page is a starting point for browsing through projects, events, and people at the lab at Redmond, and for our sister labs in the U.S. and throughout the world. Students may find these career reflections by computer scientists interesting and inspirational-- stemming from an event that we organized to mark the 20th anniversary of Microsoft Research.

Associate Professor UCLA Department of Statistics Laboratory of Neuro Imaging. Interested in developing new methods for statistical modeling and analysis of functional and structural neuroimaging data.

His applied research focuses on information technology, analysis of multimodal biomedical imaging and computational genomics. He is a core member of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Michigan.

She was a member of the founding board and former president of the Association of Internet Researchers, and serves on the board of several academic journals covering new media and communication.[3] She has published research and provided media commentary on the topics of social communication, new media, and fandom.

As the VP Strategy and Business Development in IBM Global Telecom Industry she is responsible for adapting IBM strategic initiatives and capabilities to solve customer's needs while assisting clients in their innovation journey.

Before her current position, Marisa Viveros was the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for the Global Telecommunications Industry, globally. During her assignment, she worked with the Technology Innovation team to bring IBM strategic capabilities and differentiation to large clients, and to advance cybersecurity in the academic community.

Es responsable tanto de la investigación básica en matemática computacional y el desarrollo de aplicaciones novedosas empresariales basadas en la aplicación de modelos matemáticos dentro de la industria. Ha sido presidente de INFORMA, la sociedad profesional más grande del mundo, para investigación operativa y ciencias de administración.

Since joining Microsoft in 2000, Dr. Tolle has acquired numerous patents and worked for several product teams including the Natural Language Group, Visual Studio, and the Microsoft Office Excel Team. Since joining Microsoft Research’s outreach program in 2006, she has run several major initiatives from Biomedical computing and environmental science to more traditional computer and information science programs around natural user interactions and data curation.

Dr. Edgar Blanco is a Research Director at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics and is the Executive Director of the MIT SCALE Network in Latin America. His current research focus is the design of environmentally efficient supply chains. He also leads research initiatives on supply chain innovations in emerging markets, disruptive mobile technologies in value chains and optimization of humanitarian operations

Dr. Blanco has over thirteen years of experience in designing and improving logistics and supply chain systems, including the application of operations research techniques, statistical methods, GIS technologies and software solutions to deliver significant savings in business operations.

IBM Fellow based at the IBM Almaden Research Center. He is in charge of inventing and doing technology transfer of fundamental ideas in the database, information and transaction processing areas. Dr. C. Mohan has been an IBM researcher for 30 years in the information management area, impacting numerous IBM and non-IBM products. He was also the the IBM India Chief Scientist from 2006 to 2009 and has been named an IBM Master Inventor.

Vice President at SAP America leading the analytics, database, middleware, technology, big data and mobile business across regulated, retail and financial service industries in North America.

Desmond Mullarkey, is an experienced International executive with a background in general management of software companies and related IT consulting firms. He is the founder of the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and was also a director of trade delegations lidereship by presidents and prime ministers of Ireland and Mexico.

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